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We have grown from a team of just 3 crammed into one small office, with a dream of changing estate agency, to a team of over 30 — with 12 regional and local property consultants around the UK.



Adam Day Managing Director

Adam started in estate agency in 1997 as a trainee estate agent and worked his way up to manager in the early 2000s. After 8 years in estate agency, Adam started to grow frustrated with the fees that were being charged to owners for what was really a relatively simple job with the growth of the internet and websites such as Rightmove. So, in 2005 Adam started to dream up a different way of doing things in estate agency, with Hatched being launched in 2006.

Adam tends to spend his days working on pushing the business forward so that one day, everyone will benefit from fairer fees when they sell their house, but he still loves 'doing a deal'. If you do speak to Adam, he is prone to waffling, so don't be afraid to ask him to stop talking or take a breath if he starts to go on too much! Adam has a fair bit on his plate at the moment - running one of the largest online estate agencies in the country, tweeting every day, along with looking after his 2 young children.

Follow Adam on Twitter: @Hatched.


Howard Star National Sales Director

Howard started as a trainee negotiator in 1988 with a large corporate estate agency chain based in a local office in Barnet, North London. From there, he joined a national franchise operator where he controlled 11 franchised estate agencies before moving on to a large, London-based Japanese property company in the mid-1990s as an associate director. His role covered all aspects of their business which were residential sales, lettings/property management and mortgages. In the early 2000s Howard moved over to the finance side of the industry and in 2005 re-joined his previous property company as an associate director. Howard has also spent some of his time in a training capacity and with the recent apprenticeship scheme. Having seen many changes within the industry, he feels that the growth of online estate agencies - and the services they can offer - will continue to change the way properties are marketed.

Outside of work hours, Howard can be found spending time with his family, playing golf and watching Luton Town Football Club, who he hopes will one day find their way back to the top flight.


Tori Hill Operations Manager


Tori started at Hatched in February 2013 as a trainee negotiator and quickly became an integral part of the team. Tori evolved to do pretty much every job in the office, including viewings, negotiating offers, sales progression and even the general administration for the office, as well as being Adam's designated PA for a few months - she is extremely organised!

After performing at the highest level for a number of years, Tori was eventually given the role of operations manager and oversees the viewings & offers process for all of our customers and makes sure that the whole process runs as smoothly as possible.

Tori possesses exceptional organisational skills, as well as having a passion for perfection, the ability to motivate people and is a very hands on type of person, so she is the perfect for the job.

Away from the pressures of the office, she loves spending time with her family, especially her young nephews and enjoys long walks with her dog. And before you ask 'Tori', is not short for Victoria.

Angela Simmons Lettings Operations Manager


Angela has lots of experience working for online letting agents, but prior to that she has also worked for social services and even the NHS. At Hatched she is in charge of the lettings team, making sure everything runs smoothly, and that means getting stuck in herself.

At home she would describe herself as a golf widow, but we know there's more to her than that! As well as her own children, she also has a young grandson who she loves to dote on.

Paris Hales Sales Manager


Paris began her estate agency career with a large corporate agent in 2012 as a trainee negotiator. She was quickly promoted to senior negotiator in her first year, and promoted again to team leader in 2014 where she oversaw and trained other members of staff to provide exceptional service levels.

In 2016 Paris was promoted again to a branch manager of an office in Bletchley which entailed everything from valuing houses, viewings, negotiating and of course, maintaining high levels of customer service.

Then Hatched came calling - we head-hunted Paris because we knew she would be excellent at delivering results for customers, so in late 2016, Paris became another traditional agent to 'see the light' and joined us to head up one of the sales teams in head office.

Outside of work, Paris has just bought a house and is in the middle of doing it up.

Sales Team

Lauren Watkins Sales Consultant


Lauren started with Hatched in April 2014, with no previous estate agency experience. She previously worked as a bar manager in a pub, so she is great with people and loves to have a chat, with the main topic of conversation being... the housing market!

Lauren deals with everything, from viewings to offers and sales progression, working closely with Olivia and the others in the sales department.

On the outside world, Lauren is the 'life and soul of the party' and loves to have a boogie (she has a wicked laugh as well).

Jamie Dugdale Sales Consultant


Jamie is from South Africa and moved over to the UK just 2 years ago. Jamie has been working his way up in the world of work having worked at call centres gathering surveys. Jamie was an obvious choice because of his conscientious nature and willingness to work hard. And so far, so good - Jamie has been great.

He's got a bit of a famous uncle - Milija Aleksic - who incredibly, played for Spurs in the FA Cup final in 1981!

Thomas Spencer Outbound New Business Executive


Thomas has been with us since early 2016, having previously worked in mobile phone sales. At Hatched he is on the phone all day explaining the benefits of our service and trying to win customers over with his enthusiastic and witty personality. We can always tell when he's in the office as he's a bit of a joker and he always seems to have a cheeky grin on his face.

Thomas is a keen sportsman in his spare time, playing hockey for his local club, but he also loves a bit of banter over a couple of pints too. He actually has a twin brother and we definitely wouldn't put it past him to swap for the day. In fact, his beard does seem to grow suspiciously quick and then disappear again...hmmm.

Toby Bliss Viewings Coordinator


Toby started at Hatched in January 2016 having previously worked in restaurants for the past 3 years. Considering this is his first foray into estate agency he has picked things up very quickly, fast becoming a valuable member of the team. He is often the envy of the whole office at lunch as he always brings in delicious smelling home cooked meals.

Outside of work Toby loves to travel, and has an impressive list of destinations under his belt already including Las Vegas, Miami, Florida, New York and California (to name but a few), and also likes to keep fit by going to the gym 4 days a week. Everybody that Toby meets absolutely loves his surname; Bliss.

Jack Spary Sales Consultant


Jack was very excited about starting at Hatched and since joining the team in February 2016 he has proven himself as a very capable and enthusiastic worker. He's no stranger to online estate agents having previously worked for one of our competitors for a year. Jack is on the phone all day as a sales negotiator.

When not at work he enjoys watching football, UFC and boxing and as we've just discovered he's a good laugh on a night out. He actually studied politics before finding his true calling as an online estate agent and still keeps up to date in his spare time.

Caroline Comparetto Sales Progressor


Caroline joins our team as a sales progressor, having built up her estate agency experience with a high street agent for a time. She has a very chirpy and friendly personality which is perfect for her role here at Hatched.

Outside work she forces herself to go to the gym an astonishing several times a week, so that's certainly more than most! Caroline also has a creative side as she interestingly likes to up-cycle furniture into shabby chic items. Come to think of it, it is starting to look very drab in the office? Perhaps we could persuade her to work her charm sometime? After she's done her time in the gym she likes to sit on (presumably) one of her shabby chic creations and sip a nice glass of (confirmed) prosecco.

Georgia Norlund Viewings Coordinator


Georgia has spent the last few years working in local shops and supermarkets, developing fantastic customer service skills but, decided that working a job you hate is not good for the soul. She's actually been looking out for an estate agency role for a little while now, as she became quite interested in doing this as a career, so welcome to your dream job!

Outside of work, she loves to travel the world! She regularly jets off about 3 times a year, and loves going on cruises because she gets to visit lots of different places in a short space of time; in particular, the Caribbean.

Kyla Freeman Admin Assistant


Kyla forms part of our busy head office team, providing essential administrative support for the whole company. She previously worked in a beauty salon straight from school, but decided to focus a longer term career starting in the apprenticeship scheme and ended up with us - And we're glad she did!

Outside of work she has a huge interest in beauty and fashion, which shines through at work too with her many catwalk worthy ensembles. She loves going to concerts and festivals, a la Kate Moss (although she's so young, she admits to not knowing who Kate Moss is!), as well as exploring the world; Egypt being her favourite so far. She does also enjoy cooking too.

Sophie Ling Viewings Coordinator


Sophie started at Hatched in October 2016 after attending one of our Recruitment events. Sophie stood out at the event with her bubbly personality and inquisitive nature, and we knew she would make a great addition to the team. Sophie deals with arranging viewings and negotiating offers and has taken to estate agency like the proverbial duck to water. She's become an expert at negotiating multiple offers and making sure she maximises the price for her clients.

Outside of work, Sophie can be found spending time shopping and finding new restaurants to try out in London. She adores travelling to luxury and exotic destinations around the world. It's safe to say that Sophie enjoys the finer things in life.

Jade Young Viewings Coordinator


Jade started at Hatched in October 2016 having previously worked in A & E bandaging up broken bones and generally looking after people.

However, Jade didn't feel this was for her and joined Hatched to take up a new challenge of looking after people's homes, instead of their bones.

Jade has quickly become a valued member of the team. Dealing with everything from viewings to offers, and working closely with everyone in the sales department.

Outside of work, Jade loves to go out socialising with friends over a glass of wine (or bottle!) and spends as much time as she can with her little brother.

Mark Hillier Sales Progressor


Mark started as a trainee negotiator in 1988 (for any of you youngsters reading this, that was waaaaay before the internet!) with a large corporate estate agency chain based in Surrey. Over the next 5 years he worked in Richmond, Twickenham and the number one New Malden office where he was the top negotiator for the year. He was headhunted into computer recruitment where he worked for the next 16 years becoming General Manager. However, the pull back into estate agency was too great and he returned to manage an office in Esher, Surrey which he lead to being the top office in the company for two years in succession resulting in being made Partner. In early 2016, Mark relocated to Hertfordshire, joining Hatched where he has put to great use his extensive property experience working in the sales progression department, an area he particularly enjoys.

Outside of work hours, Mark runs around 5 miles (Yes, 5 whole miles!) every single morning before work (Yes, before work!), and at weekends runs half marathons as well as cycling in the Summer. He enjoys the Theatre and travelling and has been a supporter of Fulham Football Club for 34 years, and has been a regular feature writer for their Fanzine!!

Daniella Archer Wiley Sales Negotiator


Daniella started at Hatched in December 2016 after previously working at Specsavers as a Frame merchandiser. Day to day she arranges viewings and negotiates offers as well as having a good old chat with our vendors. She enjoys working closely with in her team.

In her spare time she likes to go down the pub and spend her days after work down the gym burning off the calories.

James Taylor Sales Negotiator


'Jimmy', as he likes to be called, left school in 2016 and went straight into recruitment where he worked for 6 months recruiting doctors and consultants for locum positions in the medical sector. The move estate agency was an easy choice as he's a very confident and chatty individual who really enjoys the sales industry and everything that comes along with it - he also has a super smile as you can see!

In his spare time Jimmy enjoys playing rugby and follows a strict gym regime in order to keep his physique in order for when he jets off to Ibiza each Summer.

He also has the rather strange ability to remember the words to every film and song he listens too, which can become quite irritating at times. He's very much so a 'Mummys boy' who, even at 20 years of age, has his bed made for him and a packed lunch box prepared for a day at work.

Lettings Team

Lisa Earl Lettings Consultant


Lisa also went to university in Birmingham and started her career in lettings soon after leaving. She's been working in the rentals market for over 10 years - we know, we didn't think she looked old enough for that either! She joined Hatched in 2008 after Adam poached her from his former estate agency office, and, as Adam predicted, has quickly built a reputation for being firm, but fair to tenants, landlords and contractors alike. Lisa was also previously the lettings manager until she left to look after her baby boy. It was only when the directors begged her to come back, that Lisa agreed to do 3 days a week. Lisa is partial to a glass of Pinot, but only when she's not looking after her young son (and husband).

Sian Doherty Lettings Administrator


After successfully avoiding the camera for so long, we have finally managed to capture a photograph of this rare and beautiful creature. Sian is our lettings administrator, taking care of a multitude of tasks within the lettings team, and is often seen sporting a cheeky smile.

At home she has two young children and likes to let her hair down by going on holiday with the girls; most recently to Ibiza.

Rebecca Critchfield Lettings Administrator


Rebecca started working at Hatched in early 2016 in the Lettings department, having worked in Customer Services over the last few years in North America. Rebecca has only just moved to the UK, and, being from North America, she said she has 'always had a strong interest in Real Estate'. We have, of course, already retrained Rebecca to call it 'estate agency' over here in the UK.

Rebecca is keen to learn the culture of UK estate agency and is excited to start her career at Hatched. Her role here is to support the lettings team in all aspects as Lettings Administrator. When she's not at work she loves travelling and exploring new places. And before you ask, she's from Canada, not America!

Nadia McCleary Viewings Coordinator


Nadia Started to work for Hatched in October 2016 after attending a Hatched recruitment event. Nadia had previously been working for a market research company, spending all day on the phone and asking lots of questions, which made her the ideal candidate for our lettings position at the time. Nadia deals with all sorts of maintenance issues for our landlords and tenants to try and find a suitable resolution for all parties.

Nadia says that she really enjoys making people laugh, loves a good old party and can't help buying a new pair of shoes as soon as pay day arrives!

Support Team

David Passingham Lead Developer


David took the academic path through life, with A-grades all the way through secondary school, and finally getting a degree in Computer Science. So, it will come as no surprise to you that he's our lead developer at Hatched, where he is referred to as 'The Repairman'. Fortunately, thanks to the many projects he's undertaken since joining us in 2013, he rarely needs to be called in to fix things. The new-look website is just one of those projects.

David has worked at large software houses and financial institutions in the past, but vastly prefers the 15-minute cycle ride to Hitchin over a commute to London.

Jamie Strachan Web Developer


Jamie joins us at Hatched as part of our web development team, having previously worked on a hospitality industry website for over 9 years. He got his know-how from completing a combined studies computing degree at the University of Hertfordshire. He's a quiet fellow but often pipes up with a quick-witted remark every now and then.

When he's not at a computer he loves watching football and Formula 1, also enjoying bike rides, which more often than not end up at the pub on the Grand Union Canal. He can also be found playing Snooker and Pool (American and English), of which his skills we will have to test, the next time we go to the pub. Jamie actually utilised the help-to-buy scheme and bought his first house in June 2015, so congratulations Jamie!

Regional Consultants

Richard Sapsed Local Property Consultant


Richard started at Hatched in July 2014 having worked at a high street estate agent for the previous 28 years. It was, in fact, the same estate agency firm that Adam had worked at, before he 'saw the light'.

Richard ran 3 offices across the South Cambridgeshire area for the previous estate agent, but he himself 'saw the light' and thought it was time to move on. Richard visits properties in the local area advising on marketing strategy and taking photos and measuring up, etc.

In his spare time, Richard is a keen sports fan having previous played hockey, football and any other sport you can think of. Richard's also partial to a pint of ale and has some great stories from working on the high street with all the changes he has seen in the last 28 years.

Damian Smeaton Local Property Consultant


Damian is our Local Property Consultant based in Leeds, covering Eest and North Yorkshire. He started with Hatched in July 2014 with a view to developing strong local links and further improving our reach in the north of the country. Having spent his early career in sales and recruitment sectors, Damian then took the bold step to change direction and with an interest and passion to work within the property sector, he trained to become a domestic energy assessor. He further developed his knowledge of the housing market by training in stock condition and asbestos surveying and spent a number of years providing a professional multi discipline surveying service across the whole of the country.

Outside of work, Damian and his wife Emma enjoy spending time developing their property in Leeds and spending time with their two Shih Tzus, Duncan and Winnie. In his spare time he enjoys following the fortunes of Leeds United Football Club.

Ben Deacon Local Property Consultant


Ben started in estate agency 17 years ago, and has spent the vast majority of that on the high street managing some of the biggest high street names, that was until he saw it wasn't the way forward. Since the introduction of online portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, Ben felt the need for a high street office, had disappeared, and being interested in how a different type of estate agency might work, he joined the online revolution. Having now been on both sides of the fence, he has seen that the difference in the two models is massive with the customers loving the ease in which online estate agency works, but also giving them input in how the property is presented.

Outside of work, Ben loves ice hockey, football and swimming, and occasionally like's a good round of golf (although usually a bad round). Ben has 4 children and would not change that for anything - apart from perhaps some spare time... Problem is, Ben can't really remember what spare time is, now that he has all those children!

Simon Barnett Local Property Consultant


Before starting with Hatched late in 2015, Simon has worked in the industry for many years, from independent estate agents to a national estate agency chain. He has always kept a close eye on the progress of the online model and loves developing a significant market presence in the Bradford, Halifax, Keighley & Skipton areas. He believes that selling your property online will soon be the 'norm' however does not see it as the end of the traditional high street agent.

Away from work, Simon would describe himself as a straightforward sort of man who enjoys a steak & ale pie and a pint (or two). He has lived in Bradford all his life so knows the local area and property market very well. He enjoys his football and plays five-a-side football every week. Simon also follows the misfortunes of Leeds United and still expects to see them back in the top flight just as soon as they can hold on to manager for more than a few games.

Michael Parsons Local Property Consultant


Michael re-joined estate agency in 2006, returning to a career started way back in 1986 and has not looked back since, having progressed from property valuer to branch manager within both corporate and independent local firms. Michael has also worked with land, new homes and commercial property, but with a firm belief that the way estate agency is undertaken is very much under the spotlight, and with the increasing popularity of online estate agency, now was the time to take the opportunity to join Hatched and become part of this exciting future. Born and bred in Devon, Michael has excellent local knowledge and we're proud to bring him aboard.

In his spare time Michael is a big rugby fan and tries (no pun intended) to get to as many matches as possible and may (from time to time) enjoy a post-match drink. He attempts to play squash on a regular basis too and also takes full advantage of the beautiful scenery that Devon affords.

Gareth Hammond Local Property Consultant


Gareth became an Estate Agent in 2007 when his boss asked him to manage his property portfolio, and from there he developed an interest in the market, taking on various estate agency roles since. He recognised how the industry was evolving and wanted to move into the online sector, which is when he joined Hatched.

He describes himself as a 'local boy' who rarely leaves his beloved North West, which means he knows the local property market very well. In his spare time he's quite a keen sportsman, putting a lot of us here at Hatched to shame, as he enjoys playing cricket, football and hockey... weekly, much to the annoyance of his wife. He supports a certain red football team and rather enjoys a glass of single malt whiskey whilst listening to Oasis in the rare quiet moments.

Serena Pears Local Property Consultant


Serena has a degree in business and is a qualified project manager. She now has eight years in the property industry under her belt, where she has developed her first-rate skills by managing property portfolios. Teachable by nature, we are very proud and lucky to welcome her aboard our ever expanding team.

She's a bit of a foodie, enjoying the odd food festival (who doesn't?) and is a fan of craft beer and gin, as well as being vegetarian. There also seems to be a bit of a marathon trend with some of our consultants, as she's done the Great North Run 3 times!

She would describe herself as a secret geek (not so secret anymore) as she likes to while away her evenings watching TED talks. She loves anything vintage and adores all animals, even extending to Pokémon (sorry, outed again!)

Maxime Shakespeare-Platt Local Property Consultant


Maxime has worked for large corporate estate agencies, as well as the smaller independent ones over the last 25 years. Having embraced the changes within the industry over the last few years with the rise of online estate agencies, Max felt it was time to move on and she sought us out. Based in Wednesbury, she will be our regional consultant covering the whole of the Midlands, offering her years of knowledge and experience to help people sell their homes.

At home she enjoys cooking and baking for family and friends, which is good for us as we're one big family here at Hatched. She has a horse called Heidi and can be found riding her most weekends, and she also loves a good National Trust property every now and again. The best has been saved until last: she has... wait for it... 11 cats, and they're all rescues!

Max Watkinson Local Property Consultant


Max started at Hatched in February 2017 and joined from a large corporate estate agency. Having worked as a lister in his previous role visiting properties in the South East, Max is ideally placed to value houses all around the South East of England.

When Max isn't at work he loves to spend time with his daughter, either taking her to the Zoo or shops. Max's other interests include playing and watching football, and generally socialising.

Chrysti Read Local Property Consultant


Chrysti moved to South Wales from Oxfordshire six years ago and has been in the property industry ever since. Having worked in two of Cardiff's biggest high street agents, she wanted to branch out to a wider audience and now covers the whole of South Wales for Hatched, who she joined earlier this year.

When she’s not working, she enjoys a good glass of red wine, long walks with her husband and sausage dog, Chip and renovating her own properties in Cardiff!

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