And the Records Keep Falling

Published on 6 June, 2012

It was another record month in May for Hatched. More instructions, more sales and more money saved for our customers.

We saved clients nearly £300,000 in estate agency fees in May alone. That brings the total to this year to around £1.15Million in fees saved compared to a high street agent. And we are selling a staggering 55% of properties - that is up there with when we all worked at a high street agent back in 2006.

So what does that tell us? Well, simple really - you have as much chance of selling your property through us, as you do a high street agent...

But what if your property is not selling? If it has been sitting on the market for more than 6 weeks, then we would say that the property has been exposed to the whole market and it must therefore be the price that is the reason it is not selling. Speak to your agent though and see what they think. Once mistake that sellers make, is they compare their house to other house that are ON THE MARKET. You should only compare your property and its asking price with properties that have SOLD.

After all, that is what a surveyor will do when they value it on behalf of the lender...

Anyway, enough waffle. We're off to sell some more houses!

Adam Day

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