Top 5 Tips to Increase Kerb Appeal

Published on 18 March, 2016


As estate agents we see it over and over again; a beautiful home camouflaged by rotten woodwork and overflowing bins. A potential buyer will often drive by a house they’re interested in viewing, and unfortunately they can still be put off by an unkempt façade. There are a few different factors when it comes to the impression your property may give so we bring you our top 5. See if you can check them off your list, as first impressions can be crucial.


1). Tidy, tidy, tidy!

When it comes down to it, your house should in theory sell itself regardless of décor or an overgrown hedge. From our experience though there is more psychology to consider. Most people may look beyond any material issues but you want to really create an overall impression of the property that will last in peoples’ minds for the right reasons. So hide your bins away, clean the windows, and don’t be afraid to ask your neighbours to do the same if you think it may have an impact.

2). Garden

Along the lines of tidying you should make sure your front garden is presentable. Even if you don’t really have much of a garden, it’s amazing how much a few potted plants outside your front door can instantly improve the look of your property (apparently yellow is the buying colour). If you do have a garden, then just make sure it’s kept tidy; lawn mown, hedges trimmed, weeding, you get the idea.

3). DIY

The time has come to do all those little DIY jobs. Fix the rotten woodwork, replace broken guttering and cracked slabs, oil the squeaky gate. Simple.

4). Painting

After you’ve tidied and fixed everything up give it all a new lick of paint. Re-paint all the woodwork including window frames and eaves and maybe even your front door. This will really sharpen up the appearance and go a long way to making a lasting impression.

5). Spend a little money

Finally, it’s all in the details; the finishing touches. You likely do not want to spend a fortune on your house but if you’re willing then there’s a few little things you can do to finish it off. If you don’t have a house number then this is definitely something worth doing as not only will it look nicer, people can identify your house better. Other things to consider are a new letterbox, doorknocker and in particular a porch light, as this is a clear burglar deterrent.


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