Getting To Know You: Gareth Hammond

Published on 22 July, 2016

What do you love most about living in Manchester?

Manchester is a fantastic place to live and work. Since the terrible events of the Arndale bombings 20 years ago, the people in the city and the area have bonded together and undergone huge regeneration that has revitalized the region. It now offers such diversity that there is quite literally something for everyone.

What would be your top tips for increasing the value of your home?

I would say first of all, de-clutter. First impressions matter and with people likely to be viewing multiple properties you want them to be able to remember your house, not the “stuff” in it. Try not to spend too much money doing up the property as whilst you may love a new addition it will not be for everyone. I’d also say try to avoid extremes in terms of décor. I’ve never spoken to anyone after they have viewed a house who has said,”…oh and the luminous green room was lovely”. Finally, if you are going to spend money, do it where it matters; kitchens and bathrooms are a great place to start and will 9 times out of 10 add value.

How would you describe the property market in Manchester at the moment?

Difficult to say as Greater Manchester covers such a huge area with a diverse range of properties. In general the last couple of years have been fantastic and if your property is well presented, well priced and well marketed then you would have no problem selling.  

What advice would you give to first-time buyers?

Take your time. Often the excitement of buying a first home can lead to people jumping the gun and buying the first house they see. There are plenty out there so go see them! Also, speak to people, take advice; a good financial advisor is a must and can save you a lot of money and hassle.

For people looking to move to Manchester for the first time, what are some great things to see and do?

You are spoilt for choice:  If sport is your thing then there are dozens of professional clubs to watch, be it football, rugby, cricket, golf etc. You want culture? Theatres aplenty, galleries, science museums. Nightlife? As I mentioned earlier, Manchester has undergone huge regeneration and with that has come a fantastic nightlife. Deansgate locks come highly recommended.   

How would you describe the culture at Hatched?

At the risk of sounding a bit “Manc”: Buzzing and chilled with a fantastic work ethic and a togetherness that makes it feel like one big family, all striving to achieve the same goal.


Quick Fire

Describe yourself in two words

Loyal and likeable (like a puppy)

In one sentence, describe your dream home

A Modern, purpose built open plan house with lots of windows to provide lots of light. A nice big play room for the kids and an even bigger play room for me with obligatory snooker table and mini-bar.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Single malt whiskey and Queen (the band)...but I don't feel any guilt whatsoever!

Favourite film?


If you could meet anybody, who would it be?

Dead: Freddie Mercury. Alive: Ross Noble

Best place you've been?

Islay (in whiskey festival week)

Who is the best estate agent?

They would string me up if I didn't say Hatched!

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