How Much Does It Really Cost To Build An Olympic Stadium?

Published on 5 August, 2016

With the Rio 2016 Olympics starting today, it got us wondering what has happened to the previous Olympic stadiums over the years, and how much it actually cost to build these mega complexes. Here's a brief look at the four most recent stadiums and what each nation got for their money...


Sydney Olympic Park - 2000 Olympics

Cost: $690 million (aprox. £266.7 million)

The park has undergone significant development, now providing office space and hotels, as well as retaining use of its sports facilities for sporting events like Rugby Union games. There are around 5,000 events held each year, also including concerts, festivals, the Sydney Royal Easter Show, plus many more. The famously murdered Lin family had their funerals here.

Athens Olympic Park - 2004 Olympics

Cost: €265 million (£175.5 million)

Although many of the purpose built venues for the Olympics would now look more fitting for a Jurassic Park movie than a world sporting event, the stadium itself continues to host sporting events, being the home pitch for AEK FC, and notably the 2007 UEFA Champions League Final was held there.

Beijing National Stadium - 2008 Olympics

Cost: ¥4 billion (£295.7 million)

The 'Birds Nest' still receives thousands of visitors a day as it was re-opened as a tourist attraction, and plays host to some sporting events and concerts. Interestingly, the building was designed to heat up during cool weather conditions as well as cool down when it's hot, using underground pipes to do this, and it also collects rain water 24 hours a day to then re-use within the facilities...clever!

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - 2012 Olympics

Cost: £469 million

The stadium and surrounding grounds have many uses today, from commercial to residential (3,600 apartments) and there has also been interest from universities, taking advantage of the sporting facilities. It is of course a tourist attraction too, with the ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture being the largest public work of art in the UK, and West Ham FC will be taking up residence after battling with Leyton Orient and Tottenham Hotspur for the venue. With all of the developments that have taken place since the stadium was built, the actual cost has risen closer to £700 million.


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