June & July 2012

Published on 1 August, 2012

Apologies for not posting our stats in June. But, if you saw our Facebook page, you'd know that my wife had a beautiful baby daughter at the beginning of June, so I was a little tied up with other things!

For those of you interested, it was a little girl, weighing in at 7lbs exactly and named Lily - the future of Hatched maybe?! (Although, with the Olympics being on, an athlete as her chosen profession, would be preferable to an estate agent!)

Anyway, on to stats for the last couple of months... The June property market was a little bit slower to be honest. We agreed sales on 42% of stock, even though viewings stayed steady at around 750 viewings arranged. Somewhere in between 700 and 780 viewings have been arranged every month since April this year (That means we arrange approx one viewing every 15 minutes of the working day - a full time job in itself!)

In terms of sales though, July bounced back up to 61% conversion rate of sales agreed to new instructions, which takes us back to our yearly average of 53%, which is a very healthy figure compared to our high street counterparts (perhaps there is actually no difference in your chances of finding a buyer, when selling your house with Hatched, compared to another estate agent?)

August is going to be an interesting one. What with the Olympics and summer holidays, we expect it will be a slower one - similar to June perhaps. But then we expect September to be a crazy month. September is probably the 3rd busiest month of the year anyway, so along with all of this normal activity, we will get all those that decided to 'put it off' until September! We wouldn't be surprised if Septermber breaks all kinds of records...

However, do not delay... If you are selling, or thinking of selling, get organised NOW. Get the property photographed and measured up while it is relatively quiet and then, wait for the 'September storm' to arrive!

In the meantime, enjoy the Olympics and soak up the atmosphere. You never know though, I might be reporting back at the end of August saying we've had a great month - here's hoping!

Adam Day

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