One of the Best Times to Sell Your House is Xmas!

Published on 10 November, 2016

60% increase in property-related searches. Over 7.2 million visits between Xmas and New Year.We're probably the first agent in history to tell you that one of the best times to sell your house is in December. But hear us out...

There's not many agents who say it, but we've actually been looking at the best times to sell your house, and, believe it or not, it's right after the festive period, and before New Year. As experts at online marketing, we thought it was best to do some hard and fast research, rather than rely on hear say from estate agents of years gone by - historically, estate agents have told anyone that will listen, that Xmas is a bad time to sell. In fact, if you've had estate agents round recently, then they've probably told you that it's "deathly quiet around Xmas" and that "not a lot happens until February/March". 

Well, our findings couldn't be further from the truth. Our initial research was as a result of one of our colleagues putting his house on the market last year, just a few days before the 25th of December. We thought he was absolutely bonkers to do it at this time of year, but within 4 days of Boxing Day, he had lined up 19 viewings for his open day, which was being conducted on the 9th January, and he ended up selling for £20k above his asking price. So it got us thinking: Are buyers and estate agents missing out on lots of buyers around this time?

Take a look at the following stats and trends, which we think will prove that one of the best times to the put the property on the market, is Boxing Day. You can click/touch the graphs to view them at full size.

Graph of total visits to Rightmove showing a rise in visits from 1 million to 4 million between Christmas and New Year

Graph of property-related searches over the Christmas period rising from 45% to 95% from Christmas to 6 January 2016. Website traffic rises from 50% to 99% over the same period.

It stands to reason that with more buyers searching the week following Boxing Day, and few agents seeing the benefit for their clients, you could steal a march on your competition by getting the property on the market during this week! Because of our close relationship with both Rightmove & Zoopla, we've arranged for them to provide a special feed of all newly listed properties up to their sites on Xmas Day evening/Boxing Day morning, to maximise the interest in our clients' properties during this time.

To put your property in front of thousands more motivated buyers, at exactly the right time, all you have to do is register on our site, and we'll come over to take photos, measure up and do floorplans (ideally before your decorations go up!), but we'll hold back the marketing of the property until 26th December, to maximise your exposure to buyers.

We're open from the 27th December until 30th December, so you can rest assured that while every other estate agent in the land is still recovering from too much turkey and 'resting' until the New Year, we'll be busy trying to line up dozens of viewings for your property and maximising the interest in your property.

Our promotion has now ended. We offered 10% off our fees from 10th November until 20th December. Have a happy new year!

To get moving sooner, rather than later, simply select a fee package, and fill in your details. Want a price guide first? Then request a free market appraisal. But whatever you do, don't wait around!


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