Published on 17 February, 2017

Should I do viewings myself or get the estate agent to do them?

Accompanied viewings are one of the core services provided by traditional high street estate agents. How to show someone around a property is one of the first skills an agent is taught. 

Yet many online estate agents have now replaced accompanied viewings with owner viewings in a bid to reduce their own costs.

That not only undervalues the skills and techniques of an experienced estate agent, it also places a burden on you as the homeowner.

That’s why at Hatched, YOU choose who does your viewings.

If you’d prefer to do them yourself, you can with Hatched. If you’re too busy or would like a professional estate agent to conduct your viewings, you can opt for that too. 

We want you to have control over your house sale, and we offer a wide range of optional extras to make sure the package you choose is right for your individual circumstances.

To see exactly what you get at a glance from Hatched – and the range of super useful add-on services like accompanied viewings – take a look at our handy pricing page.


Accompanied viewings pack 

Our accompanied viewings pack includes a special key safe and gives you four viewings accompanied by your local Hatched estate agent, or two hours hosting an open house event.

Our viewings pack is there for your convenience and you should feel free to use it in conjunction with showing people around yourself when you're busy or at work. You can even book additional single accompanied viewings.

Hosting your own house viewings

If you decide to do your own house viewings, it’s worth bearing in mind that you know your home better than anyone. You know what your neighbours are like, what you've done to the property and when, and what the traffic is like at different times of the day.

You know how good the local schools are, how long it takes to walk to the station, when and where you’re looking to move yourself, how soon, and why you bought the house in the first place. All this knowledge will resonate strongly with potential buyers.


Top tips for hosting viewings

If you do run the viewing yourself, here are a few general tips to make the most of the time you have:

  • Open all the curtains and turn the lights on (if it's dark, close all the curtains and turn the lights on)!
  • Keep all the internal doors closed until you introduce the viewer to that room – this is simply to stop them trying to get a sneaky peak in other rooms before they have fully absorbed the room they’re in
  • If it's cold outside, make sure it's warmer inside; if it's hot outside, try to make sure it's cooler inside
  • Welcome them warmly into your home 
  • Questions to ask, could be:
    • Have you been looking for a long time?
    • How many other houses have you seen?
    • What did you like about other houses you’ve seen?
    • Is it just this specific area you're looking in?
    • What timescales are you looking at?
  • All of the above questions give you an idea of the type of buyer they are and they will tend to open up a bit more about what they like and what they don't like – this then allows you to sell the benefits of living where you live
  • Introduce each room and try not to be too 'salesy' 
  • Simply explain what you have done to the house and what might be of interest – the fact you refitted the kitchen/boiler/bathroom two years ago is very relevant. Think of things you’ve been asking during viewings of the houses you’ve been looking at and answer those questions about your own house
  • Finish the guided tour in the best room in your home
  • Let them wander round on their own (unless you're uncomfortable with this)
  • Always offer them the opportunity to come back for a second viewing and bring anyone they like, and let them know they can make an offer by contacting the agent


These are all little things, but they can make a big difference to the quality of the viewing, the way you present the house and the likelihood of receiving an offer.

To make sure you get the right package for you, find out more about our wide range of optional extras or take a look at our handy pricing page to see exactly what you can get with Hatched online estate agents. 

So get your house sale moving by booking a FREE valuation with an experienced local estate agent by visiting the Hatched website today.


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