Accompanied Viewings - Do them myself or get the agent to do them?

Published on 17 February, 2017

Accompanied viewings have been something that traditional estate agents have offered ever since I started my estate agency career in 1997 (and for many years before the as well). It was the first job I learnt - how to show someone around a property. Although I have to say, even though my previous agent were a bastion of the 'right way of doing estate agency' in the late 90s, their training for accompanying a viewing left a lot to be desired.

All I was told was to get there 10 minutes early, make sure the viewer(s) didn't steal anything, and leave the house exactly as I'd found it. And that was about it! Easy, I thought...Over the years, I managed to hone my accompanied viewings skills and you'll find some helpful tips below.

But if accompanied viewings are something you want to avoid, then fear not, we can now show buyers round your house for you! Over the last few years, one of the areas where online estate agents have struggled, is the ability to offer accompanied viewings as part of the service.

However, at Hatched, we can now offer an accompanied viewings pack for just £180. So now there is absolutely no reason not to use us!

Accompanied Viewings Pack - Now just £180 (was £249)

Our accompanied viewing package includes a key safe on your wall, any 4 viewings accompanied, or 2 hours hosting an open house! Not bad when traditional agents will charge you the best part of £4,000 to sell your house and all they (used to) do differently to us, is accompany viewings.

Our viewings pack is there for your convenience and you can feel free to use it in conjunction with showing people round yourself when you're busy or at wor

Although our viewings pack is there for any times when you're not around, we still believe that the best person to sell your house, is you. After all, you know your neighbours better than anyone, you know what you've done to the property and when, you know what the traffic is like outside at different times of the day, you know the local schools, the exact walk time to the station, you know when & where you are looking to move, your timescales, your reasons for moving, and indeed, why you bought it.

These all resonate much more with potential buyers, which is probably one of the reasons that we sell 3 out of 4 properties, compared to the industry average of 2 out of 4, and at 98.6% of the asking price, compared with 96% of the asking price at other estate agencies.

Top Tips for Hosting Viewings

If you do find that you're doing viewings yourself when you sell your house, as promised above, here are a few tips:

These are all fairly straightforward suggestions, but can make a big difference to the quality time spent by the viewer, the way you present the house and likelihood of them making an offer.

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