Competitive Neighbours

Published on 25 April, 2017

Keeping up with the Joneses is something that’s all too real for many UK neighbours. Whether it’s one-upping next door with a newer model car, spending more time outdoors pruning the garden, or installing better quality roofing, there are so many ways that neighbours try to compete with one another for the best-looking home.

At Hatched, we decided to check out just how fierce the competition was between neighbours – we looked at what assets makes us the most jealous, as well as perceptions of value versus the actual value of neighbouring properties, with some interesting results.

The Top 5 Reasons That People Envy Their Neighbours Include:

  1. Garden
  2. Car
  3. Interiors
  4. Exteriors
  5. Technology

It seems that luscious lawns and fancier motors were the biggest reason for neighbours turning green with envy, making up the top two spots in the list. The overall exterior maintenance and style of the house was less of a reason, with interiors and the property exterior coming in at numbers three and four respectively. Modern technology and the latest gadgets finished off the top 5 list.

What are you jealous of? Interiors, Exteriors, Garden, car or Tech? 52% of people think their neighbours have a better property than them

So, whilst who has the biggest TV doesn’t really make a difference, who has the greenest grass does. Over 52% of people admitted that they think their neighbour has a better property than them and wanted to compete with them, showing that competition in the cul-de-sacs is rife.

Interestingly, the gender split showed different priorities, with 44% of males saying their jealousy was mostly car-related, whereas women were more concerned about the other 4 assets. 

71% of people admitted that they would look to see how much a neighbour’s property was worth if it was up on the market, with women more likely to check than men.

The age of the homeowners had an impact on which aspects of their neighbours’ home they were most jealous of. 35-44 year olds were found to be the most jealous age bracket of all, and 45-54 year olds followed closely behind.

18-24 year olds were more concerned about who had the biggest TV, with technology their number one envy. Over 55’s, however, were much more envious of the garden or car. 

Do you think your neighbour has a better property than you? If you’ve got home envy and can’t stop looking at the value of surrounding properties it looks like you’re not alone, find out just how much your property is really worth with Hatched today.

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