Is it worth doing DIY before selling a house?

Published on 2 June, 2017

We’re right in the middle of bank holiday season and many of us are regularly finding ourselves in the local hardware store

Our local estate agents visit homes up and down the country every day to carry out free valuations and chat with customers. They keep having the same conversation: “Should I bother doing any DIY before I put my house up for sale?” 

Lots of sellers want to put their house on the market but stall when it comes to instructing an agent because they think they could get more money for the property if they did it up a bit first. Things like painting rooms, clearing old furniture, fixing shelves and doors or sprucing up the garden and exterior spaces are fine, but what about the bigger stuff?

Should I book a valuation now or wait till the work is done?

When it comes to doing work on a property before selling, it all depends on the buyer’s expectations of your home, and perhaps more importantly, your expectations of the sale.

You can go to the time and expense of fitting a new kitchen or laying a new patio, but what if your future buyer already had their own remodelling plans? What if the changes you make expecting it to add value actually puts a buyer off because they want a blank canvas?

If the property needs work but it’s relatively straightforward, then this is more likely to be an opportunity for a potential buyer to make their own mark on the property.


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Man doing some DIY

Keep any work neutral.

If you really feel the work is essential and straightforward then do it – but keep things neutral and don't go into details to satisfy your own tastes. As we all know, one man's meat is another man's poison!

So what is the answer? We think it’s simple. If you’ve decided to sell your home make sure to seek the advice of your estate agent before starting anything big or expensive. Your local Hatched estate agent can offer great advice and use their experience to help you make the best choice, and not waste money on anything unnecessary.

Want to know how much your home’s worth as it is before starting any work? Or, have you done some already and want to see if you’ve added any value? Invite a Hatched estate agent over for a FREE no obligation valuation now and pick their property brains before you do anything else.

Those necessary fixes might not be as necessary as you think to the one person whose opinion matters – your future buyer.


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