Britain's biggest hotspots for new homes and regeneration

Published on 6 July, 2017

Britain needs thousands more new homes. That’s the statement written everywhere from party manifesto’s to almost every news outlet in the UK. But where are these new homes being built? We have had a look at some of the big development areas around the UK and how they have changed our towns and cities over recent months.

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Where have these homes been built?

Many of us will remember the town, city or village where we grew up and remember how things used to be or what used to where, but just how many new homes are being built.

According to a recent report released from the NHBC, 12,712 new homes were registered in April 2017. 86.60% of these were registered for the private sector with the remaining units being made available for social housing – an increase of 7.8% compared with 2016.

London and the South East represented over 35% of new builds in the period reported below although the South East saw the biggest overall decline year-on-year. 

Appetites for new homes in the capital have risen again from the figures produced, up by over 15% and this despite many reports of the housing market and prices cooling in Greater London.

East Midlands has seen the biggest year-on-year increase of nearly 22% - helped by large developments concentrated in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Northampton and Lincoln.

Country / Region Feb '17 - April '17 Feb '16 - April '16 Yearly Growth
North East 1,551 1,475 5.15%
North West 3,613 3,461 4.39%
Yorkshire & the Humber 2,561 2,284 12.13%
West Midlands 4,096 3,415 19.94%
East Midlands 3,809 3,127 21.81%
Eastern 4,390 3,921 11.96%
South West 4,154 4,295 -3.28%
Greater London 6,895 5,953 15.82%
South East 6,618 7,388 -10.42%
TOTALS 37,687 35,319 6.70%

Source: media centre

What is planned in the future?

There are many, many plans for huge new homes developments all over the UK. A great example is the recent development of the A1-M1 link road in Central Bedfordshire, creating the new junction 11a of the M1 motorway and opening the door to a potential 7,000 new homes being built in the coming years. At the start of the year the Government also announced that 10,000+ houses were to be built around towns such as Aylesbury, Taunton, Harlow and Gilston.

Ultimately more new homes and more new business generation mean more opportunity for the local areas to grow and thrive. The allocation of social housing will also reach 35% in many areas, so there should be equal opportunity for all.

Only time will tell what the future holds for the area you live in and where the investment will be made. We will continue to write about the effects of new homes developments and planned builds on the housing market – so watch this space.

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