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Published on 30 August, 2017

Many traditional, high street estate agents will tell you that the online or hybrid agents will not be there to support you or help you conduct the viewings on your home. Well, we can tell you that's not the case – in fact the answer is very much up to the seller themselves!

Should I do my own viewings, or let the agent take over?

Who knows the most attractive and best points regarding your home? You, or someone else? It’s a question that has a varying answer depending on who you speak to and where you are in the country.

Conducting your own viewings

Many of our sellers choose to do their own viewings. From our discussions with some of these customers we’ve found that they believe they are the best person to showcase the highlights of their house. They know the best schools in the area, where to shop, parking, travel access and of course the best parts of the home and garden.

The biggest drawback with this is usually your own availability. Most homeowners have to work full-time so they can't tend to viewings during the week. Restricting yourself to weekends only can severely limit the number of potential buyers who can see the property, and could even exclude some entirely if they are only in the area for a few days.

There is also the matter of how this makes the viewer or potential buyer feel. Many buyers feel intimidated by the owner and may expect to have to answer personal questions that they feel more inclined to answer when dealing with viewing representative or estate agent.

Accompanied viewings

There are also a large proportion of our sellers who decide to take our Accompanied Viewings Pack, which gives the customer the option to have their potential buyers shown around the home by a local representative or us as the local agent. This gives the potential buyer the opportunity to relax and ask more detailed questions that they might feel a little personal with the current owner in the room. After all, they don’t want to offend someone on their furniture or choice of colour scheme!

So what is the answer? Well, for us here at, it’s simple. Offer the customer the choice.

Our Accompanied Viewings Pack gives the customer some very flexible choices. They can decide that all viewings will be conducted by themselves, except where they are busy or at work. These viewings can then be conducted by us or the homeowner on a viewing-by-viewing basis. They can alternatively decide to choose an Open House, where several buyers will view at the same time, creating that all-important competitive tension, increasing the chances of a better offer.

What to do now?

Speak to us today about a free marketing appraisal and see how our flexible viewing arrangements can help you get the best price for your home.

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