Are You Guilty of Any of These Terrible Décor Trends?

Published on 20 February, 2018

Whether it’s clothes, TV or music, trends usually come and go and it’s no different with interior design. The vinyl flooring of the 70s, ruffled bed skirts in the 80s, most of the dubious choices made by the Changing Rooms designers in the 90s and 00s… Many décor trends have certainly not aged well.

Here at Hatched, we’ve seen some interesting interior design trends come and go – but which ones should we relegate to Room 101? We decided to ask the great British public to find out…

Comparison of the most and least stylish things in a home

Leave Your Furry Toilet Seat Covers in the Past

Not all of you might have seen this trend in real life but yes, the furry toilet seat cover was once a thing. There were even plenty of variations to choose from too, with toilet covers resembling teddy bears, leopard print fur and even Christmas themed ones!

Even if you haven’t seen them before, it won’t surprise you to hear that these furry toilet accessories came in at first place for the worst décor decisions, with 44% of the British public citing them as their least favoured trend.

What else was in the top five worst interior design trends, you ask?

Top 5 worst decor trends - Furry toilet seat cover came top!

Well, 38% didn’t like the taxidermy trend, which is understandable. Despite its resurgence in recent years as part of the ‘rustic’ look celebrating nature, using once-alive animals as home decoration isn’t for everyone.

Popcorn ceilings and Artex, both popular in the 70s, were picked as the worst trend by 32% and 31% of our survey respondents. Velvet sofas also received 31% of the UK public’s disdain. It looks like these trends from decades-gone-by won’t be making a comeback any time soon.

Décor Trends that Stand the Test of Time

Let’s leave the décor no-no’s behind and look at some of the home interior trends that the British public approved of.

Top 5 best decor trends - A granite worktop came top!

According to our survey, some of the trends that still look stylish and elegant in any home include granite worktops (37%), a conservatory (28%), laminate flooring (28%), French windows (26%) and a feature wall (26%).

Simple and classic, these design features remain in style year after year. Plus, if we put our online estate agent hats on for a second, something like a conservatory or French windows could help boost the value of your home. They’re a unique selling point for potential buyers to fall in love with if you ever decide to move. 

So, if you have any of these features in your home already, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the UK public think you’ve made a good investment! 

Looking at these features, there seemed to be some correlation regarding the rooms that these trends were most likely to be featured in. As the heart (or stomach) of most homes, we found that the most stylish room was typically the kitchen.

The most stylish room in a house? The Kitchen.

On the other hand, the bathroom was (more often than not) found to be the least stylish room.

The least stylish room in a house? The Bathroom

Where are The Most (and Least) Stylish Houses in the UK?

Next, we decided to take a look at which cities were guilty of these interior design crimes and where we were most likely to find a stylish home. From our survey, we found that the top 5 most stylish cities were:

Top 5 most stylish UK cities - Belfast came top

On the other end of the spectrum, the top 5 least stylish were:

Top 5 least stylish UK cities - Bristol was found to be the least stylish

It seems like we should all head to Northern Ireland if we want to be schooled on how to follow the best décor trends! About 300 miles away from this home décor heaven, Bristolians should maybe take note since their city was voted as the least stylish.

Which Décor Trends Do You Still Have?

Come on, be honest. Which of these home décor trends (on either the good or bad list) do you still have in your house? If it’s granite worktops or laminate flooring, you definitely score some style points. Better still, if you have a conservatory then this trend could actually be adding extra value onto your home! However, if it’s fluffy toilet seat covers, we urge you to reconsider… especially before a viewing if you are selling your home.

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