Accompanied Viewings: Pros v Cons

Published on 4 May, 2018

And are there any advantages to doing them yourself?

At Hatched, we do accompanied viewings and open house events as an additional service, so our customers have more options when it comes to getting what they really need to sell their homes. Here are some things to think about before deciding to pay for accompanied viewings or handling it yourself. 


Doing it yourself.

•    Nobody knows your home better than you and you’ll be able to answer lots of questions a buyer may have there and then.
•    You might be a bit more flexible in the times you can show buyers around.
•    The fact you’re the owner and therefore enthusiastic about your property helps build trust between you and the potential buyer. 
•    Things can pop up in conversation that could help sell your home. You know what the public transport’s like, how busy the road gets during the school run, where the best pubs and places to eat are, and what the neighbours are like.

•    You might be an expert on your property, but you’re not a property expert. 
•    A property viewing is an early step of a big transaction, and an estate agent would be focused on the marketing aspect. How are your selling skills?
•    It can be awkward for buyers to be shown around by the owner. It’s hard to delve deep into the finer details of a home if you’re worried about offending the person who lives there. 

Accompanied viewings.

•    You get a professional who knows exactly how to present your home to buyers. They will be prepared for all the difficult questions and can offer insight into the local market, not just the details of your property.
•    It’s definitely a lot more convenient!  Maybe you’re too busy to handle viewings yourself. Maybe you’re put off by showing strangers around your home. Maybe you just don’t want to do it. Letting somebody else do the legwork on viewings could be much easier.
•    Estate agents see things differently. That’s not a superpower, but a fresh pair of eyes over your property can draw attention to features that you might overlook when you see them every day. 
•    Even though the agent’s working for you, they’re a lot more removed from the sale than you are. Part of the agent’s job is to address and overcome any issues the buyer has about the property, and the person viewing isn't likely to start criticising your home to you, are they?
•    An estate agent can be more flexible. If you’re not available due to work and family commitments when people want to view your property it could affect the number of keen buyers who get to see it. If you choose accompanied viewings with Hatched, we fit a key safe outside the property – and with your permission – we'll conduct viewings when you’re not there.  

•    You’ll probably have to pay extra for accompanied viewings.
•    You might never meet the buyer, if that’s important to you.

The verdict on viewings.

Should you go for accompanied viewings or do it yourself? Ultimately it comes down to you. Doing it yourself gives you complete control, but the flip-side is that getting an estate agent to do it means you don’t have to worry about it. 

We think accompanied viewings handled by a professional can be extremely useful to a lot of sellers. If you’ve hired an estate agency to help sell your home, there’s definitely an argument for using all their resources available to you.

If you want Hatched to handle your viewings, we offer accompanied viewing options in our optional extras. You can buy a package of viewings or choose an open house event where you could possibly get even more house-hunters through your door in one day. 

Some sellers are happy to handle the viewings themselves. For others, it’s absolutely vital that they get an estate agent to help. But that’s why the online estate agency service is so useful. You can get a completely bespoke service, choosing what you want and passing on things you don’t. 

Find out what else we offer at Hatched on our pricing page. Want to ask us anything else about viewings? It all starts by booking a free valuation with your local Hatched estate agent, who will talk you through all our selling options. Or call Hatched on 0333 999 7699 to chat with one of our property experts about anything.


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