Sell your house for £895.

Published on 11 May, 2018

We take a closer look at Hatched’s top of the range £895 Enhanced package
to see exactly what you get for your money.

The ultimate way to sell your house

At Hatched, we’re very proud of our Enhanced package, not only because of the huge value in the extras, but also for the price we deliver it at. 

We know that £895 is not a small amount of money – but it is compared to the thousands you might pay in commission on the high street – and it says a lot that our highest priced package is about the same price as some of our competitors’ budget offerings!

As with everything, it’s up to you the customer to compare the value for money you’re receiving when you look at what’s contained in an online estate agent’s pricing packages.

Don’t be fooled by slick advertising: look at the price, look at what you get, and we’re sure you’ll see the value in Hatched’s top-of-the-line Enhanced package.

Which deal is right for you?

As soon as you start comparing deals and prices between the leading online estate agents, you’ll see that each one tends to offer two or three different packages.

At Hatched, we offer a Standard package from £495* alongside our more popular and feature-rich Enhanced package for £895 – which includes more than £600 worth of important bolt-on extras if you bought them separately. 

The additional services in the Enhanced package make a real difference to how many people see your property and how many offers you receive. At Hatched, we think it’s the ultimate package to sell your home, so let’s take a closer look at what’s included. 

The £895 package: The ultimate deal.

Professional photography. 

First things first, with the £895 package you get a professional photographer to take the pictures of your house for your listing, which can make a huge difference to the visual representation of your home online. 

Professional photos can really add the WOW factor, especially since so many people searching for properties online get their first impression of a house from the pictures. 
Experienced property photographers know how to present houses and rooms to make an instant impression. They know where to take the photos from, how to best show off the size of each room, how to light the room and how to frame the shots. 

Plus you get a minimum of 12 photographs so you can give online house hunters a more complete picture of your home and all it has to offer. This option on its own costs £100.


Social and Digital Marketing Pack. 

The second – and some would say most important – extra is the Hatched Social and Digital Marketing Pack. Now here is where things get super clever – and why Hatched really is the smart way to sell your home.

The Social and Digital Marketing Pack promotes your house on social media by targeting house hunters who are looking for properties in your area for your price. It includes a custom Facebook advert tailored to your property that is specifically targeted at buyers interested in a property like yours.

Your home’s advertisement goes straight onto their social feeds so they are proactively marketed with a property that suits them, and with the Enhanced package, they’re sure to be suitably impressed by the professional photography at work!

Advertising directly to people who are looking for a property like yours – and to social media sites that they’re constantly connected to – is pure genius marketing. 

If bought alone, the Social and Digital Marketing Pack would cost you £149, but it’s just one of the free-of-charge extras you receive when you up your game and select the Hatched Enhanced £895 package.

‘Featured Property’. 

With our £895 Enhanced package you also benefit from an upgrade to your property listings on Rightmove, Zoopla, and PrimeLocation. 

Your ‘Featured Property’ listings will place your property advert at the very top of the search results page in a more prominent and highlighted position on the site, making it much more noticeable on the top property websites. If you were to purchase this option separately for Rightmove and Zoopla it would cost you £298.


Virtual reality tour.

Finally, you also get a unique virtual reality tour of your house, in addition to the photographs and floor plans. This means you can really introduce your house to online buyers, providing a photographic tour from the front door to the master bedroom, and giving your house a much greater impact with potential buyers.

But that’s not all you get with our £895 package…

The £895 package: Core estate agency services.

Let’s not forget our £895 option also includes everything you get in the Standard £495 package, which comprises all the essential estate agency services you need to successfully sell your house:

  • A valuation with a local Hatched estate agent.
  • Floor plans and photography.
  • For Sale’ sign so local buyers can see it’s on the market.
  • Advertising on Rightmove, Zoopla, and PrimeLocation.
  • We vet all applicants and book your viewings.
  • We provide feedback after each viewing.
  • We progress your sale and negotiate offers.
  • You make the final decision on which offer to accept.

The ultimate way to sell your home.

Do you want to get more from an estate agent but pay less? If you do, take your first step into the world of online estate agents.

When you do start comparing the packages offered by other online estate agents we’re convinced you’ll see the value in our Enhanced £895 option.

So take advantage! Call the friendly Hatched team on 0333 999 7699 or visit us online at for your free no obligation valuation now.

*£495 fee applies when you select our 'Standard' fee package and you use Hatched Conveyancing.


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