Tips For Conducting A Viewing

Published on 11 July, 2013

Haven't blogged for a while, so thought I'd share some some tips on what to do when conducting a viewing on your own home.

Before They Turn Up

  1. On cold days, turn the heating up and on hot days make sure the property has plenty of fresh air.
  2. Try fresh flowers around the property and get rid of as much clutter as possible. Pay special attention to the front of the property – first impressions are very important.
  3. Keep the property as bright as you can. However, keep the doors closed to each room until you walk into them – you don’t want them nosing in your kitchen while you’re trying to show them the lounge
  4. Do not smoke in the property and if you have pets, get them out when a viewing takes place (if at all possible.)

Once they Turn up

  1. Welcome the viewer into your home – know there name!
  2. Don't try to 'sell' the property too much. Introduce them to each room and point out any interesting features or work that you have done to the rooms. Try not to bore them though.
  3. Always end up in the best room after you have conducted the viewing.
  4. Then, ask the viewer if they would like to look round again, but on their own this time (as long as you're comfortable with that).
  5. If a purchaser starts to talk money with you, try to avoid this at all costs. Things can become very emotional when you are selling your biggest asset. This is what you are paying us for, so say to them politely that you would rather they phoned the agent to discuss any offers.
  6. At the very end, always invite them to get in touch with the agent if they want to make an offer, or if they would like a 2nd viewing.

Appropriate, we thought, what with the recent episode of The Apprentice on BBC1 questioning owners doing their own viewings! 

Adam Day 

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