5 Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Published on 29 May, 2014

It’s a common question: "How or where can I add value to my house?" Here are the top 5 areas where we think you could add some serious value to your house without 'breaking the bank'.

1. Garage Conversion

If your garage is attached to your house, then in our view, this is the most valuable thing you can do to your house. A garage is normally a brick construction, so it is a relatively simple job to brick up where the garage door is and perhaps put a window in. It shouldn’t cost an arm and leg, but could add up to 10% of the properties’ value, without actually losing much value because you’ve lost a garage. Most people use their garage as store rooms anyway, and we seldom see cars in the garage, so as long as you have parking space as well as the garage, then we would suggest you get cracking with this conversion! Just remember to get all the necessary planning permissions and building regulation sign-offs, otherwise you won’t be able to call it a habitable room, when you do come to sell the house.

2. Loft Conversion

Again, assuming you have enough room in the loft, then see if it is possible to convert it. Although this is going to cost quite a bit more than a garage conversion, it could actually add even more value to the property than converting your garage. An extra bedroom is normally worth more than an extra ground floor room. A bedroom normally adds somewhere between 10% and 15% to the value of the property. Again, always remember to get the correct permissions before you undertake this work.

3. Add Parking (if at all possible!)

It can be a little ugly, but if you have a front lawn and no parking with your home, then make your front garden in to a parking space. Parking is at a premium and with more and more families having more than one car, off road parking is becoming more and more valuable. One thing to bear in mind; if you need to drop the kerb, then again, make sure you do this properly, otherwise the agent won’t be able to describe the property as having off road parking, because technically, there’s no off road parking when there’s a kerb in the way.

4. Refit the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most valuable room in your house, no question about it. The current trend is high gloss with nice work surfaces. But whatever kitchen you choose, make sure you get the lighting right. The best kitchens we’ve seen are always really well lit. We would also suggest getting integrated appliances and as many appliances as you can. If you can fit a dishwasher in, that could be a deal breaker. Remember to fit a kitchen that is in keeping with your house from a budget point of view. A 2 bedroom terrace house shouldn’t have a £20k kitchen. And similarly, a 5 bedroom detached farmhouse, shouldn’t have a £6k kitchen. Expect to see up to 150% return on investing in a kitchen (depending on how much you spend on it!).

5. Refit Your Bathroom

After refitting your kitchen, the next best place to do, is your bathroom. Again, remember to choose a bathroom in keeping with your house from a budget point of view. All the rage at the moment are white suites with white tiles – a really clean and fresh look. But sometimes this can be a bit too clinical so again, seriously consider the lighting, perhaps slightly different coloured tiles, and remember the accessories (towels, mirrors, etc) to soften the clinical feel – the buyer isn’t going to buy the accessories, but making that impression can create a higher price. And lastly, on refitting a bathroom, if you have the space, then try to squeeze in double shower enclosure – again, a deal breaker for some buyers.

These are just 5 ways, however, there are obviously many more ways you can increase the value of your home. But feel free to ask us what we think. We might well be online estate agents, but that doesn't mean we can't help you with advice on this sort of subject. And we'd be happy to help, so call us on 0800 840 9565, if you would like some guidance on this.

Adam Day
Managing Director

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