Don't Panic!

Published on 6 April, 2012

Every year is the same. In fact, ever since my days as a young estate agent in the late 90s...

Dozens and dozens of customers who are trying to sell their house, think that Easter is a busy weekend and busy period for buyers looking.

However, it is actually one of the slowest periods of the year for buyers out viewing. I would say, apart from late November and December, it is the quietest weekend for viewings of the year...

Some stats to back this up:

2011. The Easter weeked in 2011 saw just 36 viewings being made by Hatched (and that includes the Friday & Monday). Two weekends before this, saw 114 viewings made and 2 weekends after Easter 2011, saw 99 made (and these were the viewings on just the Saturday and Sunday!)

This year, we have 54 viewings booked for this weekend (and that includes Good Friday & Bank Holiday Monday). Last weekend, on just the Saturday and Sunday, Hatched booked 76 viewings, while the previous weekend saw 102 viewings booked.

So, as you can see, Easter weekend, and the weekends either side, aren't that great for finding a buyer.

So if your house doesn't get any interest over these weekends, then don't panic too much. Give it a bit of time and the viewings will start to flood in again in over the weekend of the 21st April...

In the meantime, have a great Easter!

Adam Day

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