Getting to Know You: Sara Talts

Published on 8 July, 2015

Sara Talts

What do you love most about living in Nottingham?

I love the location is it is situated very close to the M1 motorway so is very convenient to get to other parts of the country.

The Accent and dialect. The Nottingham accent is hard and we’ve got our very own "vocabulareh". You don’t get a roll from the bread shop, you get a cob from the "bakereh".  And we even call everybody "Duck".

What would be your top tips for increasing the value of your home?

  • Extension/Conversion. Make sure the conversion whether it be a loft or a garage or an extension is easy access and fits with the rest of the house. Add a conservatory, as this is a cheaper option and will create more space.
  • Give your home the "Kerb Appeal" By sprucing up external paintwork or repainting the front door can give first impressions. Bringing the garden indoors by adding patio or glass doors that lead to the garden and you can enjoy, also add decking, patio and keep it trimmed and maintained.
  • Add a new kitchen. Don’t go updating and redecorating bedrooms, if your kitchen needs an update then why not. With this room being the most used whether it be cooking, homework or entertaining, this is the most used space in your home. And make sure the price bracket of your kitchen matches the price bracket of your house.

How would you describe the property market in Nottingham at the moment?

Nottingham is becoming more and more popular for commuters as the location of the area is easily accessible via train or the M1 motorway. This has encouraged families and professionals to move to Nottingham and its surrounding areas as the prices are cheaper compared to locations further south. 

What advice would you give to first-time buyers?

Save as much as you can and look for a high interest rate or a regular saving account to help you. Get mortgage advice before you start viewing properties as you do not want to fall in love with a home and then realise it's not within your lending criteria. Don’t go rushing into putting an offer on the first house you view; look at other surrounding areas. Could they be slightly cheaper?

Where are some of the best places around locally to grab a bite to eat?

From the famous Marco Pierre White, Jamie Oliver's restaurant and World Service. Nottingham is popularly known for an array of eateries from Indian, Mexican, Bazillion, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Chinese and Thai.  The 5* La Rock restaurant in my home town of Sandiacre has won best restaurant and food and drinks awards ever since opening and offers excellent customer service and fine French, contemporary and British cuisine.

For people looking to move to Nottingham for the first time, what are some great things to see and do?

There are plenty of historic places to visit from Nottingham Castle, Old market square in the centre being the largest in the country and Sherwood Forest and the "Major Oak" world widely known for Robin Hood and his merry men. A visit to Ye Old trip to Jerusalem is a must. Believed to be the oldest inn dating back to 1189 AD and is built into the rocks under Nottingham Castle.

Plenty of nightlife, theatres, the famous Capital FM arena that holds a whole host of concerts, shows and events including the famous Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team. We cannot forget the "Magpies", Nottingham County football club, now universally recognised as the world’s oldest football league club formed in 1862 and of course Nottingham Forest football club.

Nottingham Contemporary is one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the country, and New Art Exchange is the largest gallery in the UK dedicated to culturally diverse contemporary visual arts. You don’t have to go far in Nottingham to come across a studio or gallery that has been formed by local artists with exhibitions.

Goose Fair, An annual traditional fair that has been going for over 700 years takes place early Oct and fairground traders from all over Europe and the UK gather for the most popular and biggest fairground attraction in the country.

We’re a proper fashionable lot. From the innovations of Paul Smith to independent clothing outlets, we’ve got one of the most established fashion design courses in the world at Nottingham Trent University, and there’s tons of vintage stores to get yourself decked out in the not-so-latest gear.

How would you describe the culture at Hatched?

Everybody is very friendly and approachable and we all enjoy what we do. Hatched make me feel part of a family even though I work as an individual, I still feel part of the team. 

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