What does POA on a property advert stand for?

Published on 3 May, 2018

Browsing homes - How To Find Out What The Asking Price IsWhat does it REALLY mean, and how can you get around it?

Hatched Chief Operating Officer, David Martin, explains what exactly POA means on properties advertised for sale, and why he banned its use at Hatched:

One of my biggest bugbears is estate agents using the letters POA when advertising a house. Actually, using any price prefix is annoying, but especially this one. It’s completely and utterly pointless, offers no information or anything of value to the buyer, and so it’s of absolutely no benefit to the seller, either!

What does POA mean?

But first, before I explain the drawbacks more, let’s talk about what POA stands for:

Quite simply, it means ‘Price on Application’. What the agent is trying to do is get you to call them to ask for the price. Instead of making your own mind up about the property based on the advert, the agent has you on the phone already and can start their sales pitch. In the days before websites, it was a common pricing tactic.

But what’s the point in calling an agent about a property that ticks all your boxes as a buyer, only to find out its way over your budget? 

This is why we don’t believe in using POA to sell Hatched properties. The whole point of online estate agents in my eyes is to get properties on the market and sold simply, with as little fuss as possible. That’s why all our property listings are clear, informative, and we even upgrade them to attention-grabbing premium listings on Rightmove and Zoopla at no extra cost.

Getting around a POA price tag.

So, the question is, how do you find out the price of a POA property without having to waste your time calling the agent?

It’s very simple really, and although it might not give the property’s exact price, this tip will certainly help buyers.

To list the property, Rightmove needs an idea of the asking price so it knows which property searched to show it in. So here’s the trick: Rightmove’s default search shows results with the highest priced properties first. So if you increase your search radius a little, you can check out the properties either side of a POA one. That gives you more of an idea of its asking price, as you can see here:

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