The Apprentice: Property Agents - Where The Candidates Went Wrong

Published on 3 December, 2015

It’s Thursday, which means we’ve now all had some time to reflect on last night’s episode of The Apprentice. 

The latest task sees Lord Sugar challenge the candidates to become estate agents for two days as they take on the London’s booming property market. The hopefuls are tasked with selling mid-range properties and high-end million-pound developments to some of the city’s most discerning buyers.

Hopeful Scott Saunders arguably stole the show, although not for the right reasons.

The Apprentice hopeful Scott Saunders

While attempting to sell a South London studio flat millions at home would have watched on and cringed as Scott described local area to potential buyers "it’s very highly populated by everybody” and that you could expect "dry cleaners, off licenses, fish and chips". 

At Hatched, we never underestimate the importance of local knowledge, employing locally based property experts as Regional Consultants across England, and Wales.

Our Sheffield based Regional Consultant and avid fan of the show Martin adds: "Judging by the buyer reactions they didn't have the answers for the questions and it was difficult to visualise the product, which proves buyers like to see accurate details and feel more confident dealing with a vendor or agent that can answer questions correctly and promptly.”

"I feel that we take the time to make sure we ask for relevant information from vendors such as lease information and let them know it'll be something they'll need to answer. We also take the time to present the property with high-quality photos, a floor plan, measurements, accurate positioning on maps (buyers like to see plots and which way the property faces, what's nearby). An accessible website is also key to building confidence and making life easy for buyers.”

"There was  reference to the fact that properties in some areas sell themselves which highlights estate agents should concentrate on being courteous, efficient and ensure they get the right details about the buyer so that they can be qualified promptly, the rest is down to preparation and presentation.".

"A lot of this was lacking however the successful candidates knew their product, spent time making sure they could answer questions and engaged with the buyer."

If you’d rather not use this year’s hopefuls to sell your home (we’d understand) then we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a professional and free market appraisal

Written By Craig Gibson

Digital Marketing Executive

Adam Day, Managing Director at

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