5 Top Tips to Get Your Home Ready For Sale

Published on 15 December, 2015

Taking those first steps toward buying your dream home can be a very exciting time indeed. You begin browsing properties and start to declutter and clean your house from top to bottom; but when it comes to all those little DIY improvements how far should you go?

Photo of a half-painted room

Nobody really wants to spend a lot of money on a house they’re not going to be living in, but fixing up all those loose ends like that pesky leaky tap, or peeling strips of sealant can help shape a positive reaction to a property and have the potential to increase the value of your property. The fewer things that are broken or need cleaning, the less a potential buyer has to worry about and the more likely they are to buy.

1. Clean

Clean like you’ve never cleaned before, and that includes the exteriors too, like window frames, decking and patios. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty

2. Paint

Splash out on some paint. There’s nothing like a lick of good ol’ Maggie (magnolia) as lighter colours look, well… so much lighter! The rooms appear more spacious and it just gives it a really attractive clean look. White is good too but can sometimes appear a little clinical. Additionally, making a room appear more spacious can also be achieved with smoke and mirrors. Actually, scrap the smoke; just put up a couple of mirrors.

3. Gas and Electric

Get quotes for any work that may require a specialist such as electrical and gas work. You may not have time to complete this beforehand, but it’s better to know how much you might need to move on the sale price. Check all of the light bulbs are in good working order or maybe just consider replacing the whole lot; it seems pretty trivial but it’s all in these little details you know.  

4. Wood

Take a look at all the interior woodwork (especially if you have dogs…or unruly children) as you may need to do some filling followed by some nice gloss. You may need to paint the exterior wood around your house too as that can get really grimy. Check all the doors for scratched paintwork and loose or squeaky hinges too.

5. Guttering

While you’re up the side of the house sorting out the woodwork, you may as well clean the moss and gunk that has made a home in your guttering. Give it a good scrub too eh, and make it shine. If, however, you have a fear of heights then the solution is simple…get somebody else to do it.

This is all a bit obvious but it is surprising how many of these things people don’t seem to do. Having the mentality that the new home owner will do it anyway will not help you sell your home. One piece of advice…call in some favours! Good luck and happy scrubbing…and painting, and filling!

If you’d rather not use this year’s hopefuls to sell your home (we’d understand) then we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a professional and free market appraisal


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