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If you're looking to sell your house, then you've come to the right place. Here you will find general information on selling your home, some differences between the way a high street agent will work, how to sell your house online and how we will work for you.

So, how do I sell my house?

Getting your Property Valued: Sell a House Fast

One of the first things people consider when they decide to sell their house, is to get a 'valuation'. The vast majority of owners know the rough value of their own home but it's always worth getting an agent out to value the property to confirm what they think.

At Hatched, we don't think house sales are just about a valuation. This is important, clearly, but the most important thing for us is to get you the best price. After all, selling your home is a big commitment. This means that when we advise you on value, we will also look to offer advice on how best to present your home and also let you know if there is anything that we think might help to sell your house fast.

Every property is different and so is every seller, as well as their motivations to sell, so we will always look to advise on what marketing strategies we can employ to make sure you achieve the best price, from the best buyer, when you sell your house through

Free Online Valuation

How we sell your house: Putting the property on the Market

To put your property on the market, you would instruct an agent to go ahead and they would then come out to measure up and take photos. With Hatched, it's no different to other house sales - just give us a call or use our online booking form and a consultant will contact you to arrange a visit for photos, etc.

What you market the property for, is up to you and it will take a couple of days to get your property live on Rightmove and Zoopla. You will have to agree to our Terms & Conditions, and also make sure you have things like an EPC in place. Our consultant can advise you on everything you need to make sure we can get your house on the market as quickly as possible.

How long will it take to get my house on the market and sell my house online?

Typically, with a traditional estate agent, there may well be 2 or even 3 visits to your home before you can get it on the market. This will include an valuation, perhaps a follow up visit, and then taking the photos and measuring up.

However, when one of our employed representatives comes out to see you, we will check with you that it's OK to do all of the measuring up and photos at the initial appointment (if you'd rather we didn't do this at the time, then that's fine). But by allowing us to do so, it means that we won't have to revisit your home if you do decide to go ahead at some point in the future. This in turn means that if you do decide you need to go ahead quickly, then we'll have all the details to hand and can literally just 'flick the switch' and get it on the market. When we sell your house online, we select a pace that's right for you.

The whole appointment from market appraisal to measuring up and doing photos will take anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how big your property is (for any property larger than around 3,000 square foot, it may take longer than this).

Once we've visited, it will take 2 working days for the property to go on the Hatched website and a further 1 day to go up on Rightmove and the other property search sites.

So, if you're looking to instruct Hatched, click here to choose from one of our options. We might save you enough for your Summer Holiday next year...

Selling my house: how do viewings & feedback work?

At Hatched, we have a system which allows buyers to request and book viewings at any time of the day or night. We actually think it is the only system of its kind in the world.

The system is an automated text messaging system, which allows you to reply to any text viewings requests. Our system will recognise your response and will then in turn text the viewer back, who will text to confirm their attendance - and all of this is done completely anonymously without any of your personal details being shared! It simply means that viewings can be made at any time of the day or night, even when we're closed.

Along with a text, we'll also email you, so you'll be able to come back to us at your own convenience - you can set up the viewing without even having to lift the phone! Rest assured though, if you don't get in touch with us, we'll be trying to get in touch with you via the good old fashioned telephone!

Unfortunately, there are people who don't turn up, but we try to minimise this after we have confirmed the viewing on the phone, with both the viewers and yourself receiving a text and email to confirm the details of the viewing - the full address with postcode, the names of both parties and the time & date of the viewing. We have seen our 'no show' rate reduce as a result of the reminders that we send.

With regards to obtaining feedback, at Hatched, we have an automated email that goes out to every single person that views a house through us, asking for feedback. Not only that, but we guarantee to call the viewer on three separate occasions to try and get feedback. Once we have feedback, we will add it to your property dashboard which you can view online. And if we are unable to get any feedback (because the applicant doesn't call us back), then we will let you know that as well.

Keeping You Updated

Most high street agents will call you with feedback from viewings and then you have to try and remember what Mr. Jones, who viewed 3 weeks ago, thought of your property. And if you want to spruce up your details, or change the price of your property, you have to wait until the old fashioned estate agents are open, or for them to call you back.

With our online feedback, admin and statistics centre, you won't have any of these issues. All feedback is listed - all dated and timed. You can see live statistics from people who have clicked on your property from the Hatched website. And you can log in to change the price of your property or spruce up the description a little. We will have to approve any changes you make, but this feature allows you to login at any time of the day or night and make changes.

If I sell my house online, how do I get the best price?

The job of all estate agents is to sell your home. And you're not going to sell it without an offer. All offers must be reported to the seller of a property, by law. Even if the property is sold, subject to contract and someone makes an offer, the estate agents must put it forward - it is a legal obligation. We obviously guarantee to put all offers forward to you.

Estate agents are also employed to try and achieve the best price possible for you. And we are no different. We'll do everything we can to achieve the best possible price for you.

In fact, it is often a point of discussion that, with our low fees, people ask if we're motivated to get the best price possible. Well, we actually think we are more likely to try and achieve a better price for you. And here's the reason:

A high street agent receives an offer of, say £310,000 on a property that is on the market for £325,000. The high street agent will be earning nearly £6,000 to sell this house. But only if they sell your house. So, what advice do you think they are going to offer? Perhaps "Well, we think this is a good offer and one which you should seriously consider". Wonder why they would advise that...?

At Hatched, we are not desperate to sell houses. Of course, we still need to sell your property, as this is our profit margin. But we're also not going to go out of business if we don't. (We'll just never make a profit!)

But we certainly won't be pestering you into accepting an offer that is lower than you want.

A high street agency, and in turn their staff, are paid commission on selling houses. So, if there's an offer on the table, what advice are they going to offer? Nobody at Hatched is paid commission for selling houses. There is no need - houses sell themselves. And if you don't want to accept an offer that is lower than you really want, then we will never pressure or advise based on us earning a ridiculous fee, whereas, sad as it is to say, some high street agents, that offer a 'no sale, no fee' service, will.

As proof of this, throughout 2013, we have sold properties at 97% of asking price, whereas Hometrack - a leading independent property analysis company - are reporting an average of around 94% of asking price being achieved in 2013 through estate agents across England & Wales.

Accepting an Offer

The process of accepting an offer is the same with everyone. You simply instruct the agent to accept the offer and then both the seller and the buyer will provide solicitor details to the estate agent.

A high street agent will then ask their secretary to type, print, stuff and send the sales letters and memorandum of sale, to the appropriate parties (there's another load of wasted time, right there).

At Hatched, we don't have a secretary. And we don't send sales letters in the post. Our system is automated and as soon as we get solicitor details in from both parties, sales letters are instantly emailed to all the relevant parties, meaning the solicitors can start working on the file immediately and meaning we don't spend a penny on postage. All of this continues to go towards keeping our fees as low as they can be.

Draft Contract

Once the sales letters have arrived with the solicitors, then much of what happens from then on, is down to them. Firstly, a draft contract is prepared and sent to the purchaser's solicitor, who then raises initial enquiries and proceeds with a Land Registry Search. Your solicitor will organise all the supporting paperwork, including things like title deeds, guarantees, planning consent/building regulations, etc.

Contract Approval

Once the local search results are back, initial enquiries are received and your solicitor has dealt with any further outstanding issues, he/she will approve the draft contract.

Exchange of Contracts

Once the buyer has received the mortgage offer (if one is required), then contracts are ready to be signed and exchanged. The contract includes all the finer details. This is signed by both yourself and the purchaser with a completion date set. A deposit is usually paid at this point by the purchaser and held by the solicitor. Anything from 5% of the purchase price upwards.


This can take place as early as the same day, but is normally between 1 and 4 weeks after you exchange contracts. The balance is drawn down to the purchaser's solicitor, who will transfer the money to your solicitor. Only when this has arrived with your solicitor, can you release the keys to the new purchaser.

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