How we advertise your property

If you think all online estate agents sell homes the same way, think again. Hatched packages deliver more marketing for your money than you'd ever expect from an online estate agent.

Zoopla, Rightmove and PrimeLocation

When you sell your house with Hatched we advertise your home on three of the UK's biggest property websites: Zoopla, Rightmove and PrimeLocation. We also advertise it on the Hatched website too.

As a seller, you'll want to know how many people are visiting these websites every month so you know how many people your advert is likely to reach.

2017 was Zoopla's busiest year on record, with 648 million visits in total. That's 54 million visits every month.1

In March 2018, Rightmove reported its busiest month in history, with 142 million visits in one month. That's more than 3,000 people searching for properties every minute.2

PrimeLocation receives around five million visitors every month and advertises properties from over 16,000 estate agents.3

Altogether, Zoopla, Rightmove and PrimeLocation reach around 200 million people every month. That's a very busy shop window, wouldn't you agree? But that's just the start - here's how we make sure Hatched properties stand out from the crowd...

Premium Listings as standard with Hatched

Unlike other online estate agents, Hatched give every single one of our customers 'Premium Listing' advertisements on Zoopla, Rightmove and PrimeLocation as standard, regardless of which package you choose.

Premium Listings are like upgraded adverts: they're bigger, more prominent and highlighted from the surrounding adverts. They also display three photographs instead of just one at a time to help showcase all your home's best features.

Rightmove say Premium Listings receive 35% more visitors than their standard adverts;4 whereas Zoopla say their premium ads get at least twice as many clicks.5

There's no denying the effectiveness of these 'super adverts', yet most online estate agents charge extra for them. With Hatched, they're included as standard in both our packages. It's just one of the ways Hatched give you more for your money.

Featured Property upgrade

If you want to really go to town with your online advertisement, you can also make it a 'Featured Property' for a week on Rightmove and Zoopla.

Featured Properties get an extra advert positioned at the very top of their main search results page in the most prominent position on the page so it's the first advert buyers see. It literally places your property at the top of the list.

Your property will still appear in the search results as normal, but since it also appear on every search results page too, it gives you twice the visibility as standard adverts.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Pack add-on

This clever add-on promotes your home on social media by targeting house-hunters who are looking for properties in your area for your price.

It includes custom Facebook adverts that specifically target buyers interested in a property like yours.

Advertising directly to people who are looking for a house in your area in your price range - through social media platforms they're constantly connected to - is pure genius marketing.

360° virtual tours upgrade

With Hatched, you can even give potential buyers a unique 360° virtual tour of your house, something you can add to your listing along with the photos and floor plan.

These virtual tours let you really showcase your home to buyers in the best way possible online: providing a video tour from the front door to the master bedroom. They can give your house a much greater impact with prospective buyers and generate more viewings than static photos alone.

360 degree virtual tour

Open house events

At Hatched, we can also arrange an open house event. These are designed to generate maximum interest in one day to help sell your home fast and for the best price.

Open houses are extremely popular in the US, and they've grown in popularity in this country over the last few years too. In certain circumstances, they can be the perfect strategy to sell your house. For example, they're particularly recommended for sellers who already have interested parties and are looking for a quick sale.

One of the benefits of an open house event is creating more competition with potential buyers. Every buyer who attends is looking at the next person and seeing them as 'competition'.

It can create a sense of urgency and tension with those buyers who are really interested, and it can also encourage more and higher offers as buyers bid against each other.

Couple meeting an estate agent at an open house

Hatched: More marketing for your money

Most online estate agents advertise properties on Zoopla, Rightmove and PrimeLocation, but that's where they stop. With Hatched, that's just the start.

Not only do we provide all our customers with Premium Listing adverts as standard, we also offer a range of cutting-edge extras and add-ons so you can tailor your marketing to suit you.

If you want to get more from an online estate agent, make the smart move. Sell your home with Hatched.

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