Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that people ask. If you have a question that's not covered here, then get in touch with us.

Why are there several different fee options?

We're all about offering customers choice. With our traditional option, it works the same as a traditional agent would; no sale, no fee. After all, we're estate agents, so we felt that offering a traditional estate agency fee was only right - although more expensive. The other prices include up-front fees and offered different additions depending on the option you choose. The best value option is the 'Enhanced' option, where you get everything included (apart from an EPC).

Is there any difference in the service you provide with each different option?

There is no fundamental difference in service we provide. With the 'Discounted' and the 'Enhanced' pricing options, we offer various inclusions depending on which option you choose. You can see the differences here.

Who takes the photos and writes up the description?

You can have either a professional photographer or one of our experienced consultants take photos of your property. If you choose our standard marketing package, our local consultant will come armed with the latest in camera technology and take great photographs of your property.

If you want that extra WOW factor, then choose our Enhanced Marketing package and you can add Professional Photography for FREE. In a separate appointment, a trained and qualified professional photographer will visit your home and showcase your property online in the best light possible - which will do wonders for your property's online presence!

Can I just take the photos myself and send them over to you?

No. As members of the both the Ombudsman for Estate Agents and the major property websites, we have to satisfy certain terms, conditions and regulations. By visiting the property and taking full details, we are guaranteeing the accuracy of the details according the Estate Agents Act 1979 and Consumer Protection Regulations.

Will you value my property for me?

We are able to provide you with a guide as to what your home is worth based on land registry figures and other estate agents web sites. We would also recommend that you carry out some of your own research as to the value of your home - Ask your neighbours what they bought their home for, look in the local property paper and check out the internet for any direct competition to your home.

What's the catch?

Some will say that the catch is that we don't do any newspaper advertising. Actually, we do. Zoopla power the property search features for many websites, but they also print property ads in a number of popular newspapers, including The Times, The Independent and Evening Standard. See the full list here.

Another catch people are quick to point out is that you have to do the viewings yourself. While this is partly true, we find that our sellers are often very keen to get involved in showing people around their homes since they are the ones that know everything about it. Buyers vastly prefer to be in the company of someone who can answer their questions, rather than an agent who may only be visiting for the first time.

So, is there a catch? We'll let you decide.

For how long can I market my property with you?

We will market your property for up to 10 months. Should you wish to continue marketing after the 10 months, then you will be required to pay another up-front fee at the prevailing rate.

Does it matter if my home is on the market with another agent?

You would have to check the contract you are in. We are classed as estate agents and you may find yourself bound by the terms and conditions of the contract that you have signed with your current agent. You may have to wait until the agreement with your current agent runs out or, if you speak to your agent nicely, they might let you out of the contract early!

Why do you charge up-front fees?

Quite simply, this is how we can operate at the fees that we charge. Traditional estate agents typically work on a 'No Sale, No Fee' basis. This means that traditional agents can end up doing a lot of work for nothing, and therefore have to charge the successful sellers more, in order to cover the costs of those sellers who don't end up selling.

By charging up-front fees as we do, each seller is paying for the work that is being done and so we don't have to worry about covering the cost of those that don't sell. As you can see from our fees, we do have a 'No Sale, No Fee' option, but it is by far the most expensive for the above reasons.

Is online payment secure?

Yes. We use SagePay who provide secure online credit & debit card payments. We have also been verified by VeriSign and Norton and provide SSL certificates to make sure your details are encrypted whenever you sign up or log in.

How does it all work?

Although fairly simple, it's quite a lot to explain in this small box, so we recommend you read our pages on How We Work and our Guide to Selling.

Where do you advertise?

We advertise on all the biggest property websites, and many of the smaller ones too. This includes Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation. See the full list here.

Do you look after the sale once I have accepted an offer?

We certainly do! Our agents set routine deadlines for each part of the sales progression process, such as securing deposits, getting the surveys done, conveyancing and so on. We will chase the relevant parties whenever these deadlines are approaching. We also send out automated emails when each stage is completed, keeping you fully informed.

Do I get a dedicated estate agent?

In our experience from working with High Street agents in the past, having a single agent assigned to a property can be more of a hassle than a benefit. What happens when that agent is off sick or on holiday?

At Hatched, our head office team are in constant communication with each other and our property management system keeps track of all the notes so everybody knows what's going on, all the time.

Still want the personal touch? For an additional fee, we offer a Dedicated Account Manager and Sales Progression service where you will get a named individual who will oversee the sale and be your main point of contact should you need to speak to anyone.

Do you have any minimum contract period?

With our traditional option, like a traditional estate agent, we do have a 'sole agency' contract period of 2 months, which means you can't list with another agent for that period of time. With the other three pricing options, there is no contract period for you, so can put the property on the market with another agent whenever you like with no extra cost to you, from us. All up-front fees payable to us, are non-refundable (apart from where our refund policy applies).

Whichever option you choose, we'll market the property continuously, for up to 10 months, if needed. See our full terms and conditions, along with our refund policy.

Why do you offer a deferred payment?

Offering a deferred payment is another option for our customers. It's not always easy to find a few hundred pounds up-front, so with the deferred payment, it gives you a chance to sell your house first and pay for it on completion. We only offer the deferred option on our Enhanced Marketing package. Please note that with a deferred payment, this is not the same as 'no sale, no fee' and you must use Hatched Conveyancing to act for you in the legal process of selling your home, should you find a buyer. Payment of the deferred option will be payable should the property complete through Hatched, upon withdrawal of the property from the market, or after 10 months of marketing.